An album for the Scottish Independence Campaign. #indyref

It has come as a bit of a shock for myself as the looming date of the 18th September catches up with us. I am yet to hear the indie blah of Zooey Deschanel LOZER Ex -husband Ben Gibbard pumped out across Dear Green. Having been a fan of the band for years and like totally loving their earlier stuff I am appalled that the SNP has not embraced such classic tracks from the some what popular album like “The Employment Pages” or “No Joy In Mudville”. Can you even imagine the size of the smirks on bearded sock-less men?

What perhaps may come as more of flabbergast is the fact that, and I’ve checked plenty of them, no hipster joints in Glasgow have the 14 year old album playing on vinyl. Glasgow I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.

Say hello to Vehnäolut

We at Phenix Brewery pride ourselves on obscure hipster names for our beers and with this latest brew there is no exception. Welcome to the Phenix Brewery line up Vehnäolut. A 4.33% wheat beer with a cheeky Columbus dry hop.

phenix brewery homebrew beer

As you obviously know it’s name is Finnish for wheat beer. The reason being my wonderful bee keeping friend Jussi supplied me with some of his honey from Finland to add to my brew instead of dextrose. This is some seriously yumi honey!
You may also be able to tell that I still have no label on my bottles. Although I have knocked up an option B I am still interested to have the input of a designer with a taste for beer. Otherwise its the below design being put onto 40 odd bottles. Some is getting shipped as far a field as Japan.

phenix brewery homebrew beer

Strathaven Hot Air Balloon Festival 2014

An early dawn drive out to Strathaven to see the dawn launch of the hot air balloons. What a treat it was seeing them drift off across the landscape as the sun rose.
We arrived at 6:15am and with a quick search set up to watch the balloons fly over us. A great collection of colours and a great atmosphere with kids running around in pyjamas and half awake adults.
It was a ridiculous 6 degrees and our feet got well and truly soaked and frozen. Thankfully some (my mum would be proud of my prep) coffee helped but that soon ran out.
Overall a wonderful time and would highly recommend a trip out to the sleepy town of Strathaven. More info on the festival on their website here.

Chambara – Dare to Be Digital 2014 – Gaming

I was having a browse through the various wonderful games on display from this years Dare to be Digital.  I came across this game, Chambara and it very much grabbed my attention. The game is a local multiplayer stealth deathmatch. Whats not to love? Take a look at the trailer below.

A very simple idea but looks like amazing game play. You can get a download of it on their website . I for one will be giving it a cheeky download later on tonight.