Nias – Re(lex)ed : Tasty tune for a Tuesday afternoon

Big fan of and the wonderful mixes people make. Means you can discover some new tunes and perfect for chilling out while I edit.

Found the above track on a mix with Grimes on it and it’s a rather tasty beat so thought I would share.

Plagerising, copying, Lucy Rose and the New Ancestors

You may remember the  music video I made for the New Ancestors a month ago. If you haven’t seen it then its below and you should watch it before reading on.

This video was made using the technique TTv where you use a digital camera (Canon 550d) strapped to a contraption of wood, cardboard and cello tape with an old analog camera(Kodak Duaflex) with a large viewfinder to film through inside. The technique is a bit of a pain but makes for some really interesting images and a lot of weird looks. I have been shooting TTv for about four years and have had a few experiments with film such as last years “Of The”.

Yesterday however a lovely friend from Finland mentioned after watching the New Ancestors music video he felt a strong correlation between it and a video for the amazing Lucy Rose. I had to have a look see and this is the video below.

Now I am not one to gossip but it’s pretty clear auld Lucy has herself a time machine. The resemblance between the two video is rather weird, I watched it a few times last night in a bit of shock thinking people probably think we got the idea from that.

This got me thinking, so many times I have seen music videos or short films that seem so similar to others that I have struggled to even consider they were independently created without at least seeing the other one. Alas now I have a new appreciation for the poor person at the brunt of “err you stole this idea” comments.

Sorry person, I shall rush less to judge.

Phenix brewery goes big rather than having to go all the way home

I have often not been a fan of ebay( I still wake up in a cold sweat at night thinking about that “genuine” Del Boy autograph!) But this evening it came up trumps.
Not only have I doubled my fermenting volume, I now have a five gallon keg, seven awesome glass demijohns, a tonne of bottles and the icing on the cake…a heat plate. Not sure if I will ever use it but I now have one.
All for £20 out of the back of a jeep in Coatbridge. Why thank you ebay.