April - Zines

This month is going to be a bit of fun. Making a few small zines that will be available to swap or a subscription of 1 British pound for all four of the weekly zines (to pay for P&P in the uk)

If you fancy making a zine of your own and swapping check out below.
Contact: 2013 (at) guyphenix.com

RookieMag have done a great step by step guide on making an A3 sized one page zine.
Go check it out if you want to make some and have some swap fun.


Instazine - A 12 page A5 zine.
Have a very limited run of 3 hand stitch bound zines. Drop me and email for a hard copy 2013 (at) Guyphenix.com

Quiz - Weekly
A bit of fun quiz with a few MS paint-tastic drawings. Have three copies of this available.

Both available

online at Issuu

Quiz weekly