July - Wastelands exhibition

Euan Maharg and I created a piece "Acoustic Wastelands" as part of the Wasteland Collective.
It is exhibiting at the Tent Gallery at 78 West Port, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE
The opening night is Friday 19th July 2013 it runs on till the 26th July.

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What we did.

It all started a few weeks before the 19th July when Euan went to an old abandoned tram depot in Edinburgh. He did a number of sound recordings of the acoustics throughout the building. Some where ambient, cars going past, wind blowing and pigeons flying. Some where percussion pieces made by him, walking through broken glass, rattling old equipment or running a feather along rusted metal. He then picked up two items from the site that would represent these two types of sound. A rusted old spray can and a fridge door caked in pigeon feces.

I then went through to Edinburgh on the 18th July and Euan took me to this site. I documented what he had previously done with photography. I naturally allowed him to replicate the sounds and he also recorded a few new ones as I captured it.

We then edited the photos, sounds and the two items. The sounds went onto mp3 players that were inserted within the items. The pictures were printed on a1, spray mounted onto 5mm foam board and cut out.

The finished piece then all came together. You can put the headphones on, look at the pictures, touch the rusted can and get a sense of the acoustics and feel of a wasteland. Be that a negative or even a positive thing it is making awareness of what perhaps would pass you by.

Photos from location and then the opening night