June - Analog photography

I adventured East this month to the sea side town of North Berwick for my third wedding anniversary. A gorgeous place with an eerie mid week dead town atmosphere at night. I decided I would experiment with my Kodak Duaflex and a mod that enables it to take 35mm film.

Ever since discovering the wonders of film in a dark room in Portora almost 12 years ago I have hardly touched the stuff. Messy, expensive and confusing its pretty much the worst thing ever for a digital child like myself, give me a jpeg not a negative I cry (I have never cried this but you get what I mean). This was a step into something new and exciting a chance to experiment with old, new, expired and a bit of DIY. I wont go into the processing of modding a duaflex for 35mm but info here

Not just an experiment of X-Pro II over Amaro but a legitimate analog experiment. It is a good bit snooty but its the lack of control. The feel of I have captured something inside here and God only knows what it will look like. I attempted to explain to my nephews and nieces recently when shooting with a 35mm camera that they couldn't see what I had just photographed. That instant gratification of, was it a good shot? Were my eyes open? Was I looking the right way? that is delayed, sent away for some random person who I will not know the name of to look at and to have complete control over.

The control you need yourself is in not taking multiple shots and then looking back through and deleting those over exposed blurry shots. That's a big one for a 5 year old growing up in the iphone world to grasp. "You see this camera, it can only take 24 photos at a time" was meet with complete confusion, perhaps I should delete an app to enable more space.

These few days away by the coast were filled with beach walks at sunrise, rock pool explorations and some half decent weather in Scotland for once. I had my buddy with me and I spent one gorgeous sunset using up a full roll as the sun dipped into the sea.
The amazing rugged coastline contrasted with beautiful empty beaches framed my shots perfectly as I took my time lining up. I considered, then reconsidered and then waited. It was quite the procedure and the usual digital patience of my dear wife was diminishing far quicker with this analog format.

But alas, it was all worth it. A full roll snapped, classic images of our third anniversary in the beautiful setting of North Berwick, images to cherish, to show the kids, you know the ones. Images that would say, you know what we had a great third anniversary, North Berwick was good times. Well so I had hoped for. Analog is fun, but its not that rewarding sometimes.

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My Kodak Duaflex 

waste of film
My photos: waste of film