March - Missing

On the 11th March 2013 things changed for me. The most stressful, traumatic and frustrating incident of my life occurred. I awoke to screams of "Fire, get out", I think that feeling will never leave me- of opening the door of my already darkening bedroom, to be engulfed by what can only be described as a wall of black. The heat, weight and consistency can not really be grasped unless you have been in a fire. The many Hollywood films of brave men charging into burning buildings to save the damsel in distress ill prepared me.
We left my flat and ventured into the close of all the flats. Not yet knowing where or what the fire situation was, we just ran. My wife, Rebecca went first and I followed, complete darkness grasped us as we made our way down from four floors up. The stairs were coated with soot and soon I was falling. After I picked myself up, I was completely disorientated and was reaching the point of complete apathy. Having thought in my head- being a young man of reasonable fitness, I will just bound down these stairs, I was now getting warm, fuzzy, things were slowing down and becoming black. It sounds pretty intense but it felt like a pretty good way to go.
As I fumbled and grasped for something in the darkness, I could not see her but I hear Rebecca scream "God" from somewhere in front of me. Then suddenly a light and we were out. How I am unsure, but it seems someone wants us alive and we both in our despair and darkness felt that persons presence.

The following photos are of memories of items that I have binned this week. I have salvaged a number of sentimental items from my flat but the majority of things are ruined. This is my attempt at some sort of therapy via photography. Apologise for the quality, all taken on my phone and "edited" in instagram and uploaded via 3G.
"Natural resources" by Dntel has been getting a lot of plays this month.

Walls that protected 

Wedding day shoe 

Late night dancing to Not Squares 

A handed down family time machine 

Pictures on the mantle place 

The office 

Early morning cups of coffee 

Birthday bunting